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American WomenTime Out Chicago, 20 October 2005

Singing For Their SupperThe Daily Northwestern, 14 October 2004


Opera performed at this level gives tremendous opportunity for young, talented singers to spread their wings. Bravo! Bravo!

— Sherrill Milnes

The performance of OperaModa’s Tartuffe was superb. The energy of this new opera company and its mission are poignant and evident in the quality and energy of the performance I saw. Young, deserving opera singers merit the finest opportunities to perform and OperaModa certainly offers that.

— Karen Brunssen
Northwestern University

I was surprised, very surprised, at the scale and finesse of OperaModa’s first production,Tartuffe, at the Athenaeum on Southport. The singing was excellent, the acting was engaging, and the costumes and scenery very convincing. My only regret is that I don’t know what surprises are coming next! I hope that this opera company continues on to great success.

— Joe Lupo
Italian (West/North) Gazette

At least one company is ensuring that opera is approachable, accessible, and attractive to all.

— Jennifer Olvera
Pioneer Press

[OperaModa’s] debut production of Tartuffe was an auspiscious one. Lively, musical and fun, the performance seemed more polished and professional, more “stageworthy” than many a more seasoned group could have achieved. I am definitely looking forward to the company’s next outing.

— Peter Amster

I’ve had nothing but praise about OperaModa.

— Steve Gianni
Northbrook Public Library

OperaModa was a very special treat for the Julius Meinl coffeehouse. Not only were they remarkable singers, but also they were great performers.

— Natalie Berg
Julius Meinl

OperaModa’s production of Tartuffe was well worth the time and at least twice the price. The scene by scene choreographed movements had such fluidity that instead of having singers static in place, the characters actually seemed natural. All in all, this was definitely an opera worth watching.

— Ashi Savara

As hard as it is to sing in an opera, it’s probably even harder to run an opera company, and these woman are doing both. It’s pretty amazing.

— Sunny Joy Langton
Northwestern University

We were in rapt attention as the last act spun out the tale of the March sisters…The orchestral tone was rich from the twenty piece band, the entrances were crisp and clean and entirely supportive of the well coached singers.

— Rick Boyum

I was able to catch the OperaModa Sketchbook performance, and I thought it was very cool. You all sing beautifully and the pieces you chose seemed to really highlight the contemporary take on opera that I understand is your general approach as a company.

— Robert Burnier